A Book in The Bag

I love to read! I wanted to be read to as a child. I read along with cassette tapes that prompted page turns with a little ping! I learned to read and maxed out my book limits at the school library and the public library. I got “pre-approved” and maxed out credit cards at Barnes & Noble.

Okay, that last part may not be entirely true… I’m sure I also had some help from  Target and DSW.

But you get the point. I read a lot, often, and I’m never without a book. Or these days, a Kindle. I have the app for my phone so in the rare case that I’m without my latest read, I can sinc up to where I left off. And I buy my handbags based on the criteria that they be big enough to fit my Kindle.

And so the name of my blog, a book in the bag.

But since I do so much reading, an get so much enjoyment from books, I thought I’d keep track and offer my modest and untrained critique of the books that I’m reading. I just turned 31, so my self challenge will be to complete 31 books this year. (This might be too lofty of a goal, I haven’t really done the math!)

I’m going to to try to honor each book and it’s author with an objective review of the work, before offering my opinion. I recently read an article about online book review sites calling some amateur reviewers “book-bullies” for their harsh and heavily opinionated posts. One went so far as to include GIFs and memes mocking the work. That will not happen here.

I am going to be honest about my feelings towards the book. I’m going to step out of my reading comfort zone a little too, though I make no promises to finish a book that fees like work to get through. Once while I was complaining about a book being particularly hard to finish my friend, an author, said to me, “Then just stop reading it! Who says you have to finish it?” I’m sure I blinked a few times before saying something intelligent like “Oh, okay…” It just never occurred to me to give up on a book, I felt like I must finish what I started. Or maybe it just gets good in the last 50 pages?

To this day, I don’t know how Middlesex ends, and I’m totally okay with it… Life is too short to read bad books! Or some other coffee mug quote…

Anyway I think you get the idea. I read all the time, and now I’m going to blog about it. I’m no Mother Goose or LeVar Burton, but maybe I can inspire someone else to pick up a good book! (Sorry that song is going to be stuck in your head for hours.)

So without further ado, Let the wild rumpus start!


One thought on “A Book in The Bag

  1. If I don’t like a book, I skip to the end and read the last few pages. Of course, that is a bit tougher to do on a Kindle than a hard copy, but it gets me out of the rest of a stinker. Looking forward to reading your blog!

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