Murder He Wrote

This weeks book was a bit of a guilty pleasure read. Except I don’t think you should feel guilty or embarrassed about anything that you choose to read, just for the record! So the book I read this week is fan fiction for the TV show Castle. One of my favorite shows for many reasons including the “ruggedly handsome” Nathan Fillion (as Richard Castle) and the amazing chemistry with co-star and role-model leading-lady Stana Katic (as Kate Beckett). The premise of the show is that Castle is a murder mystery writer and Beckett is a homicide detective. He tags along to her crime scenes and consults to help solve her cases and she is his muse for a series of mystery novels. Bringing us back to the book… They are actually published books! The back story differs slightly from the show and the murders borrow inspiration from things seen on TV, but it’s a really fun read! If only Jessica Fletcher could have done the same!

Book #5 Deadly Heat, by Richard Castle

deadly-heat-richard-castle-ftrRating: 3- It was a good book

Synopsis: The fifth installment in the Nikki Heat series picks up where Frozen Heat left off. Nikki, a NYPD homicide detective is a few steps closer to solving the coldest case of her career; the murder of her mother. She now knows the name of her mother’s killer, but she doesn’t know why, or who ordered her killed. Nikki is riding the momentum of the break in the case; and trying to stay out of the spotlight after an article about her, and the work of her precinct; was written by Pulitzer prize winning journalist Jameson Rook. He has an in-depth view of the inner-workings of the precinct, shadowing and consulting on high-profile cases, and dating Nikki. 

Nikki’s attention becomes divided when the body of a health inspector is found in a pizza oven and then a local news personality is strangled in the park. The two are from opposite worlds, but their deaths are linked by the very bizarre clues left behind at their crime scenes. Clearly the work of a budding serial killer, Nikki and her team must work quickly to track him down before he strikes again; but they have to stay hot on the trail of the other case too before it goes cold again…

My Impressions: I really love the strong, independent heroine in this story. She’s that super cool chick that most girls want to be, but she knows when to get real; and when she loses her cool, it’s just awesome.  The relationship between Heat and Rook reads the way Castle and Beckett play out on TV and that draws you in even more. You kind of cheer them on as a couple because they compliment each other so well. The story itself is suspenseful and it keeps the pages turning. By the time you realize what is really afoot, you can’t believe you were duped! The plot is a little complicated… You have to know the back story of the first plot line and keep all the details straight (from this book and the last one) and then you have to keep up with the thread of the second plot line and all of the ways that the two overlap. It’s not hard to follow, you’re not reading Shakespeare, but it’s hard to keep all of the tiny details in mind.  Once I got 30% into the story (ah, Kindle) I couldn’t put it down!

Why you should read it: It’s mind candy! Just a little no-brainer pleasure reading. There’s romance, mystery, action, suspense, betrayal. And no shortage of murder! There are some great one-liners, jokes built in for fans of the show, and references for scifi fans of Nathan Fillion. If you want to get caught up in a fun story, check out the Nikki Heat series!


Book #5 in the bag!

“The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives… She traveled all over the world while sitting in her little room in an English village.” ― Roald Dahl, Matilda



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