What’s the story?

I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy a newly released book from an author I’ve read before. And certain books I just eat up like mind candy. This weeks book was no different and no less enjoyable!

Book # 11 Morning Glory, Sarah Jio

sarah-jio-morning-glory Rating: 4- Would recommend to a friend

Synopsis: The setting is Lake Union, Seattle on Boat Street, a dock for the famed Seattle houseboats. Penny Wentworth lived there in 1959 when she married her husband, Dexter. Ada Santorini moved there for the summer to escape the grief and memories of her life in New York. Most of the dock residents are the same and many are curious about Ada. They are also tight lipped and mysterious about Penny. Ada learns of Penny when she unlocks an old trunk in the houseboat and connects her to the whispers about a woman who disappeared from the dock in the 50’s. Now with a renewed sense of purpose, Ada attempts to solve the mystery of Penny’s disappearance.  Told from the past and the present with Boat Street to link their stories, Penny and Ada seem fatefully connected.

My Impressions: I really enjoy stories told across generations and time periods using a common thread. In this story, Penny and Ada are two very different women with different backgrounds and journeys; they just happened to have shared an address more than 50 years apart. The houseboat, the dock and the community are so well depicted that it nearly becomes a character itself. I love the author’s writing style of linking the stories chapter by chapter to past and present while still propelling the plot. She uses a similar style in her other books, so you come to expect it from her, but with subtle mirroring and slowly revealed details that keeps the story interesting and surprising all the way to the end. I also find personal appeal in most of her books being set in and around Seattle, having briefly lived in the area myself.  She gives very detailed descriptions of the unique landscapes, both historically and at present to enrich the story. I even learned a great new cookie recipe from this book!

Why you should read it: All told, this book is very much in the genre of “chick-lit.” There is romance, tragedy, mystery and suspense with a twist of history thrown in the mix; making it a fun and light read for a female audience. So ladies: go, read, enjoy. Perfect for the impending cold weather, holiday traveling, and weekend hibernating. But as far as mass appeal, my boyfriend would have been done at the words “finishing school!” And he may have been reluctant to read a book titled after a flower in the first place…

Book #11 in the bag!

“Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity.” ― G.K. Chesterton


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