Everything’s coming up Rosie

I can’t say enough about books from a character perspective that ventures outside the social norms. Of course I want to read a story told by a dog, or an imaginary friend, or even a child who spent the first years of his life in one tiny room. But it’s also fun to read about a character that may not be aware of their own strangeness (think Screech from Saved by the Bell!) This book was recommended by a friend, so thanks Lauren!

Book #27- The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion

ROsie Rating: 4- Would recommend to a friend

Synopsis: Don Tillman is a genius in the world on genetics and a bit of a imbecile when it comes to social interaction. He is rigid with his routine and abhors lateness by even 2 minutes. It’s just a waste of time!  And he really knows how not to waste time. He jogs to the market to combine exercise and errands. He prepares the same meal every on the same day every week to simplify the shopping and prep time. He books face-to-face conversations with friends to ensure their availability. So when Don decides he want a mate, he develops the Wife Project. He creates a questionnaire to be filled out by his dates and weed out unsuitable candidates. His best friend Gene, a bit of a cad, commandeers the forms and suddenly Rosie shows up at Don’s office door. She is beautiful and smart, but totally unsuitable. She smokes!

Rosie and Don develop an unconventional friendship and flirtation as Don helps Rosie to learn the identity of her father. And as they become closer, Don teaches Rosie to button up, while Rosie teaches Don to deviate.

My Impressions: What a sweet story. Don is, to quote a 90’s teen flick, so adorably clueless. He has some idea that he does not behave within social norms, and he plays the role to be laughed with instead of laughed at. For Rosie’s part, she is rough around the edges and has a bit of a chip on her shoulder. Don’s failure to take social cues helps to break down her tough shell, and Rosie’s emotions seep through Don’s general attitude of apathy. By the end of the book, they both make each other better people.

Why you should read it: This is a quick and quirky little book. It’s perfect for traveling, since you’ll finish by the end of your trip. But it’s also a different spin on romance and told from the gentleman’s perspective.

Read if you liked: Look Me In The Eye (John Elder Robison), House Rules (Jodi Picoult), Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend (Matthew Dicks)

Book #27 in the bag!

“There is no mistaking a real book when one meets it. It is like falling in love.” ― Christopher Morley, Pipefuls


One thought on “Everything’s coming up Rosie

  1. Lauren says:

    Yay! Happy to hear you enjoyed the book 🙂 I definitely liked reading this quirky love story!

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